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The Josh Payne Group is a group of incredible thought leaders aimed at changing the world in 2 ways:
  1. We implement complementary and customized financial gameplans to help our clients achieve their ideal financial lives.
  2. We offer our entrepreneurial opportunity for those seeking a better career and life for themselves and their family
With the systemic problem in our country of the lack of equal access to a financial education and resources across all economic borders, families today are working harder than ever, and at the same time “Financial Literacy for All” is a movement, and we are seeking partners to join our movement.


Hello! My name is Josh Payne. I have been busy helping people get on track to their goals and dreams since 2009. Throughout my career, I have worked with families and entrepreneurs from all walks of life throughout the United States.

Driving the crusade of “Financial Literacy for All” is at the heart of our mission. We ensure families throughout our country receive the needed education and resources to implement fundamental gameplans to achieve their ideal financial lives.

I started my career in the financial industry, at the age of 31, after receiving coaching and advice from my financial professional. It took until that age for us to finally sit down with someone to set up our financial gameplan for a successful future. Afterwards, I was completely blown away that I had not received this crucial information until that point in my life. I knew right then that we had a financial illiteracy problem in our country, and I knew I could aid in the solution.

I believe we were all put on this planet to serve our brothers and sisters, and I immediately found my calling to do so in the financial industry. I have committed by life to the crusade of “Financial Literacy for All”, and have shared my message throughout the country speaking on stages and virtually to audiences from all walks of life.

As a leader in the industry, equally rewarding for me is the mentorship and leadership I provide to aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey towards building better lives for themselves and their families. With our Payne Group “Business in a Box” we are able to provide a systematic approach to success in business. No more trying to figure out how to be successful on your own, aspiring entrepreneurs can come in and follow a documented system to success within the financial industry.

We are on a mission to have representation in all 48 continental states in the US in the next 24 months. If you are ready to take control of your life and your future, I invite you to partner with us in helping expedite your ideal life.

We strategize and implement gameplans to help our clients get on track to their ideal financial lives.

We put entrepreneurs in business for themselves period .

We have a committed mission of “Financial Literacy for All”, and we won’t stop until every family has a fundamental game plan and clear direction to a successful financial future.

We have a strong sense of responsibility in providing hope and opportunity to communities around the country, encouraging people that tomorrow can be better than today!

What we do

josh payne inc.


We deliver professional, hands-on, and cutting-edge leadership
to help our partners achieve maximum success.

Weekly nationwide online training, coupled with weekly agency expansion presentations, make up the growth infrastructure of our agency.

We have digitized our documented system with online tools designed to accelerate success through educating and guiding our partners through every step.

Professional training, licensing, and mentoring provided to entrepreneurs starting in the financial industry.





What I admire the most about the Josh & Tracy Payne’s leadership is how empathetic and professional they are. They have the empathy to understand our struggles, and the leadership to inspire us to achieve greatness. I am always amazed of how busy they are, and they still make themselves available to us at all times. Every time I sent a message to them, they replied with an answer promptly. I find myself motivated and inspired every day to give my best, because they lead us by example. Also, what a great teammates and environment they have created! I can’t stress enough the joy that is to be part of the Payne Leadership Network!

Fernanda Hardy

Being a successful producing business professional myself, I know the importance of confidence. I have found Josh & Tracy Payne to be consistent leaders that speak and lead in our language. They adapted to me as an individual and have kept every single promise they have made. Knowing I could rely on them to guide me gave me the added confidence to apply their leadership to my daily activities, and it has/is working. I have grown into a great leader as a result. I recommend anyone who wants measurable personal or professional improvement to work with these fine leaders.

Greg Hardy

Josh and Tracy Payne’s leadership has helped me immensely in this business. Without them I never would have known this is the place for me. They’ve shown me how hard work, a strong work ethic, consistency, and perseverance can get me to where I want to be in life. Josh and Tracy are always leading from the front, not only by telling me what needs to be done to see success, but by showing me what needs to be done to be successful in business. I know that their leadership, their example, and their support is why I’ve been as successful as I have in this company!

Ashlyn Maciel

When I think of leadership, the first two people who come to my mind are Josh and Tracy Payne. I am so blessed God placed these wonderful people in my life. When it comes to setting an example they always rise to the occasion. Whether it's in business, partnership, parenting, or just showing what it takes to succeed in this business, I can always count on them and I'm truly thankful, and so grateful, to have leaders such as Josh and Tracy Payne.

Nikka Byers

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